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Meet Fred


It's not about me, but people usually want to know answers to a few basis questions, such as family, occupation, and education.


I have been married to Mary Clifford for  over thirty-three years. I grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin. I have two sisters, two nieces, two nephews, and five great nieces and nephews. My parents are no longer living. They were both World War II Army veterans. After the Army, my dad was a machinist. My mom was an Army nurse. She continued nursing for her entire career.



For most of my career, I was a machinist or a tool maker. I retired in 2021 from working as a CNC machinist. Old habits, you know, like work, are hard to break. After less than a month of retirement, I started looking for part-time work. I am currently teaching at a community college. 


I have a bachelor's degree in English from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a minor in Technical Communication

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