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Inflation by taxes and fees - March 7, 2022

Colorado's inflation rate is higher than the national average. As such, Colorado is making the national average even worse. So, how do Colorado's pro-tyranny legislators add to our cost of living. One way is through tax increases. They get around the taxpayer's bill of rights by calling taxes fee. When they burden us with excess fees, they are not required to ask our permission for a fee increase over a certain amount. When it's over this amount, they just break it up into smaller fees. In the aggregate, we are still getting hosed.

Inflation by extreme regulation - March 10, 2022

Beside taxes and fees, the other primary way that our state government wants to increase our cost of living is by burdensome regulations. This is especially true when it comes to environmental regulations. Everyone wants a cleaner and safer environment, but not everyone is willing to starve to death in order to get it. Am I exaggerating when I say, "starve to death?" Partially, but not completely. We have already seen starvation in other countries due to central planning type governments. People in this country are beginning to suffer because of these policies, but it might take a while before we see mass starvation. I would rather not move in that direction at all.

The best thing that can happen to our environment would be for environmentally friendly products and services to become economically sustainable. They need to be affordable. This will absolutely not happen through mandates and subsidies. With mandates and subsidies, producers of environmentally friendly products and services will have little or no incentive to improve their work to the end of economic sustainability and affordability. If you want a cleaner environment, tell your governments, local, state, and federal, to stay out of the mandate and subsidy business.

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Why do I say that I’m not special? Some people think it is an unusual thing for a candidate to say. I have three reasons for saying this.

First of all, I’m an ordinary person, but history is full of ordinary people, with flaws and weaknesses, who have accomplished great achievements. We don’t need our citizen legislators to be special.

Secondly, sometime when elected officials think they are special, they don’t see the need to listen to their constituents. I think elected officials always need to listen.

Thirdly, it is ideas that are special. We have some great ideas that have made our country and our state great.

With Liberty and Justice for All

Our profoundly worded Pledge of Allegiance ends with the phrase “with liberty and justice for all.” First of all, the words “for all” are a strong endorsement for the ideas of the rule of law rather than the rule of people and aversion to special interest favoritism. “Liberty” is an important word to me. If you have noticed, it appears on much of our campaign literature. I haven’t mentioned justice much, but I have mentioned safety. Justice is the tool that secures our safety. I have noticed that some people express a degree of hesitancy over the term, “liberty.” Liberty should not scare anyone if it is defined correctly. Does liberty mean we can injure others? Does it mean that we can deny others the fruit of their labor? Does it mean that we can destroy something that belongs to others? No. And it doesn’t mean we can drive a vehicle through the door of a church and set the building on fire. If we have liberty, we must have justice as well, to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please support policies that encourage liberty and justice for all.

Religious liberty

Religious liberty as protected the U.S. Bill of Rights and by the Colorado Bill of Rights is such an important right. Ask yourself why totalitarians always want to eliminate or diminish religious liberty. One reason is they want to be your God. They have more control over you that way. Look at what the world was like before we had religious liberty, or look what life is like in parts of the world that don't have religious liberty now. You can't coerce someone to your way of thinking by force, but you can protect individual rights by law.

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